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Personal Development


Life Coaching

What we do here is simple. We focus on YOU.

A 'TIME-IN' just for you... that's right 'IN', not out!

A time of inner 'pause' & a gift to self which allows YOU to take a turn, YOUR turn, at being center stage in your life to get back on track or rise into a new horizon.

I coach & support people in reconnecting, realigning & reigniting their lives in present time. I meet clients where they are at & we get to work. Coaching with a humanistic approach, my action based style is centered around what only true life harmony embodies, the best of our

Mind + Body + Soul.

Are you ready to...

  • Get CLEAR on who you are & what you need current day?
    • Learn about YOUR Values, Human Needs, Love Languages, Inner Elements, Strengths/Opportunities, Mindset, Perspectives, Spiritual Health & so much more ...

  • Get REAL with your past & current habits?
    • Learn about Accountability, Commitment, Boundaries, Habits, Patterns, Communication, Belief Systems, Identify Blindspots & Barriers...

  • Get to WORK with actionable tools & live life on purpose, WITH purpose?
    • Learn & be supported in setting authentic goals from a place of personal alignment, learn applicable action oriented tools for life, business & especially your soul, partner with yourself &level-up by your definition.

I'm kinda old school. I love simplicity, transparency & good work that makes a BIG impact! My goal (& have been told gift) has always been to help others break through barriers, rise-up & BE authentic in a fulfilled life. I love seeing people succeed, succeed by their definition. Permission to be real & raw with class & grace can coincide, but it all starts with doing OUR work. We all have a story, or many for that matter. Innately we can find ourselves getting tripped up in a story, habit or mindset that has served its purpose & now needs to go. AND... when we let something go that is no longer serving us, we in turn create space for our new inspired stories, habits & mindsets. Sometimes it is in fact about letting go, sometimes its just a matter of tweaking, yet it is always about clarity, our truth & intentional actions.

... And if you're more of a bulletpoint kind of person....


I'm Coach Mandy Bryant .

  • Certified Strategic Intervention Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Health Coaching:T2D
  • Positive Psychology Pioneer Completer
  • Mindfulness Certification

  • Farmer's wife
  • Boy Mom of three
  • Christ follower
  • Chronic Disease Thriver
  • Blended family liver
  • Organ Donor Advocate
  • Narcissist Survivor
  • Loyal friend & sister to many
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By Design:

Ways to work together...

  • Rise-Up: Six Week Private - 1 on 1 Program
  • Authentic Awakening: Twelve Week -1 on 1 Intensive Program
  • Monthly Membership

*For established clients 'Tune-Up' Sessions

  • Group Coaching Programs

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Mandy is literally everything you didn’t know you needed! She is so knowledgeable yet down to earth and sensitive. Learning to live an intentional life authentically & now knowing my WHY, has helped me achieve goals, become a better mom, and has helped me make ME a priority. This work & living intentionally has transformed my entire life and I am doing things I never thought I would. Mandy has a sixth sense and just innately understands what people need. She listens, is nonjudgmental, and gives it to you straight without the BS, but you just feethat it comes from the most loving place within her. Working with Mandy has changed my life, my relationship with myself, and my relationships with others.

~ Shauna W.

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"Different than counseling or any coaching I have done. I was inspired &. motivated to be in action with guided, personalized weekly exercises between sessions. Total game changer."

~ Christina S.

What Clients Say

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"Anyone would be lucky to work with Mandy. She is wise & very good at what she does."

~ Shauna L..

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